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Day of action in Sacramento

Thousands of teachers from across California flooded the Capitol building on May 22 to demand funding for public education.

Summer 2019 Updates

We hope you are enjoying a relaxing summer break, full with family, friends, and all the things that make you happy. We wanted to share a few updates happening here at the PVFT office. We are transitioning into new leadership here at PVFT. Nelly Vaquera-Boggs takes over as our new President on July 1st. Radhika Kirkman will be appointed Grievance Officer for the remainder of the term, as well as taking over the Organizing position.

In the coming months we plan to build upon our existing communications platform in a variety of ways to ensure our members stay well informed. We are planning an update of our website, working on our new texting system “hustle”, our Facebook and Twitter, as well as implementing a more regular newsletter.

We are also planning to make site visits during the first months of school to meet our membership and make personal introductions. Your Site Reps will have the dates and details of that when the time gets closer. We are really looking forward to working together and getting to know our members.

One more reminder is that our Union office will be closed during the month of July. You may leave messages on the office phones or reach us by email. The Union office will reopen August 1st.

In Solidarity,

Nelly Vaquera-Boggs and Radhika Kirkman

Nelly nelly1936@pvft1936.org

Radhika pvft1936@pvft1936.org

PVFT Negotiations Update April 18, 2018

April 18, 2018: PVFT met with the district today in a formal negotiations session to get clear on the district’s last proposal since the proposal was emailed rather than presented to us in a formal way. PVFT did not counter with a proposal, rather we spent our time asking clarifying questions to get a better understanding as to what is motivating the district to offer us so little.

We were very clear with the district, again, what it is our membership has directed us to ask for and what we believe is fair: $4,408 on the salary schedule, retroactive to 2016-17.

The Fact Finding panel will convene on Thursday, May 10th. A report from the panel may be issued within 30 days after the hearing. It is common for parties to continue to have formal talks while simultaneously progressing through the Fact Finding process.

It cannot be ignored that in the past month public educators across the country are striking and demanding to be treated and paid as professionals. We can no longer tolerate being paid so little that we cannot afford to live where we work. FAIR PAY for TEACHERS!


Monday, March 19, 2018: Today our PVFT Negotiating Team met with the District for a 4th Mediation session with the State Appointed Mediator. We were not able to reach a settlement with the District in Mediation. The Mediator intends to release us to Fact Finding, the next phase in the contract negotiations process. A PVFT Strike FAQ is now available to support understanding about potential next steps in the collective bargaining process. Please click here for more information about Fact Finding.

Mediation Continues

March 13, 2018: After meeting for a third mediation session yesterday, a fourth session was scheduled by the mediator for Monday, March 19th at the PVUSD District Office at 294 Green Valley Rd., Watsonville.

Starting today, there will be Community Leafleting in front of local markets and stores to continue to inform the community about the contract negotiations.

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, March 14th is the next Board Meeting and community members are invited to come and speak, hold signs and stand with teachers. Please join us at 7pm in the Watsonville City Council Chambers.

A PVFT Strike FAQ is now available to answer questions about potential next steps in the collective bargaining process.

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