FAQs for the elementary phase in

We have put together an FAQs sheet for the Elementary opt in with students. As we work with the district on the secondary plan we will continue adding to this document. You can also see the full document at this link: FAQs FOR ELEMENTARY

Teacher Appreciation week

Just a few of the Ohlone Elementary educators who are finding creative ways to keep their students engaged through distance learning! Have you thanked a teacher this week?#teacherappreciationweek #pvftproud #thankateacher #unionproud #pvft1936 #everydayshouldbeteacherappreciationday

Teacher appreciation week

Let’s keep this teacher appreciation week going with the distance learning heroes of Pajaro Middle School and more! Pajaro Middle School, like many other sites, serves families that live in some of the more remote areas of Watsonville and beyond so internet access has been a huge challenge for their students. Never the less, teachers…

School Nurse Day

On school nurse day we want highlight some of the amazing school nurses that keep our students healthy and safe. In PVUSD ten school nurses ensure the safety and well being of ALL of our students. So let’s take a moment to thank them, today and everyday.Β #SND2020 #schoolnurseappreciation #pvftproud #pvft1936 #thankanurse

Teacher appreciation week

We are continuing our celebration of Teacher Appreciation week with the teachers of MacQuiddy Elementary today! While they continue to provide high quality education through distance learning, site rep Alejandra Rodriguez also organized a food drive for their MacQuiddy families. After collecting close to $700 in donations from the staff, teachers purchased groceries, put together…

Teacher appreciation week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation week?! We are proud to represent so many dedicated educators from ECE all the way to Adult Ed! Today we are highlighting the 5th grade team of teachers at Mintie White elementary. This week the teachers and students would have been at Outdoor Science School, so they worked together to create a…

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