Teacher appreciation week

We are continuing our celebration of Teacher Appreciation week with the teachers of MacQuiddy Elementary today! While they continue to provide high quality education through distance learning, site rep Alejandra Rodriguez also organized a food drive for their MacQuiddy families. After collecting close to $700 in donations from the staff, teachers purchased groceries, put together bags, and passed them out to families! 
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Teacher appreciation week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation week?! We are proud to represent so many dedicated educators from ECE all the way to Adult Ed! Today we are highlighting the 5th grade team of teachers at Mintie White elementary. This week the teachers and students would have been at Outdoor Science School, so they worked together to create a fun science camp based week of learning for their students, including some Outdoor Science School special guests, songs and team building games! #thankateacher #pvftproud #teacherappreciation #unionproud #pvft1936 #everydayschouldbeteacherappreciationday

Member update 4/24/2020

Dear members,

You have made it through yet another week of distance learning with your students! Whew, we hope you are giving yourselves some time to rest and rejuvenate after these busy weeks. We want to still encourage all our members to be aware of the time they are spending working each day and know that our contract stipulates a 7.5 hour workday. 
We have heard from members about the lack of clarity and purpose of the survey that the district sent out in regards to technology access. We have developed our own survey that we are asking you to take a few minutes to complete, so that we may share a clearer picture with the district and the Board of Trustees in regards to our memberships’ needs.  PVFT Technology Survey
We want to also share that our negotiations team has met this week to continue working on our master contract. With all the uncertainties out there, we want to push forward so that we can begin our new year with a settled contract.
The Board of Trustees is meeting this Wednesday, April 29th and we encourage you all to continue writing in to the Trustees, in regards to distance learning, in regards to negotiations, and with any other concern or success you would like to share. You can comment between 5pm-6pm on the 29th using this Google form .

And Lastly we want to share from one of our High school counselors about a fundraising opportunity he has organized for the PVHS Dream Club. PVHS Dream Club advocate’s for student’s ability, regardless of immigration status, to attend college. Due to COVID-19 shelter in place and social distancing orders PVHS was not able to do their end of the year fundraiser. As we all know undocumented students face many barriers to receive post secondary education and don’t qualify to receive federal financial aid, so if you can help out please do. 
GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/pvhs-dream-club-scholarships

In Solidarity,


Closure Update 3/26/2020

Dear members, 

Thank you. Thank you for having demonstrated tremendous care and commitment to your students, the families, and to your profession in the face of adversity. Redesigning our practice was no easy feat by any measure. 

The Board of Trustees voted to extend school closures until May 5th. This date came from Dr. Rodriguez’s understanding that Governor Newsom will extend the shelter in place order until that date. Due to the Governer’s original March 13th order including waivers for school closures, while we are providing distance learning for our students, it will not be necessary to make up days in the summer. The Board will meet again on April 29th to reassess the need to extend the closure.  

We hear your requests about returning to your site to retrieve materials needed for your lessons. At last night’s Board meeting, there was a lengthy discussion about this.  We have sent a request to discuss this with Dr. Rodriguez and will update you of what is decided. 

Yesterday, PVFT sent a demand to bargain to negotiate workload related to distance learning during this time of crisis. However, it’s important to remember that our members are working during school closures, and should continue providing distance learning while the issues are being bargained. Any unreasonable directive from a site or district administrator should be provided in writing and shared with your site representative. 

Evaluations are also included as an issue to address in our demand to bargain. 

The COVID pandemic has affected the dates we had arranged to continue negotiating language with the district for our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), but your negotiations team has met during this time to continue planning. We will keep you updated. 

Your PVFT site reps continue to be the main line of communication between members and for addressing issues with your administration. We will be discussing how to best set up virtual site rep meetings to share your concerns and get more clarity. If you have concerns about what comes up in your staff meeting or if your site administrator is making unreasonable requests or issuing unreasonable directives, please contact your site rep. 

We are doing a complete reset of our teaching practice. We are learning together. Please be patient with yourself and others through these challenging times.  

As our t-shirts state: Together We Rise. Juntos Nos Levantamos. 

Distance Learning

March 18, 2020 

Dear Members, 

We understand that these are uncertain times and messages and directives are changing rapidly. We want our members to be assured that during this time our CBA still applies. It is under the directive of Governor Newsom that schools continue to provide students with distance learning models while they remain closed to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Department of Education has released a framework to help guide planning the infrastructure of distance learning. 

Staff is expected to be available during regular contract hours to students, families, and administrators.  In the event that you become sick, you would put in for the sub request as normal. Your principal will have access to your plans. If you are out for one day, you could let your students know to continue the study plan and follow up the next day.  If you are directed to go on medical leave from your doctor, admin is working out how to have a sub take over the distance learning of your classroom. Beginning March 23rd, when you are available during your regular contract hours for instruction, admin will only hold short meetings on Wednesday’s.  

Lesson plans should demonstrate appropriate quality of standards-based learning tasks with enough work provided, to warrant a 5-hour instructional day for elementary, 3 hours for Kinder, and appropriate per period for secondary. Please allow time in your plans for students to have breaks and lunch, as well as “think” time, active time, etc., as they would normally receive in class. For elementary teachers, our number one focus is continuing lessons in Language Arts, required PE minutes, and Math, with integration of other subjects when appropriate. For K-2 teachers: Your site administration will duplicate the packets you submit on Fridays for distribution on Mondays. As we continue this remote plan, you will be picking up the packets that parents return on Fridays. We highly encourage collaboration in these efforts as we know our membership collectively holds a wealth of understanding and expertise that can be shared and utilized by many in this new format we are working with.  

It is important that we ensure all our students are accessing our classes. Please keep track of students who are not accessing and let your site administrator know who those students are. Students should be given ongoing feedback throughout distance learning assignments and learning packets. We understand that this will be both challenging for staff and challenging for our students and families as well. There are no easy answers to this, as the level of support students will have at home and their ability to keep up is inequitable for many of the families we serve. Our directive from Gov. Newsom is to continue providing access to education and continuity of learning for our students during this difficult time. You know your students best and will be able to communicate to your admin those who will need extra support and contact through this time. There are many factors outside of our control and we must work within our parameters of providing distance learning to families. The important part here is that you are communicating to your site admin regarding those students who you feel may be falling behind. On Friday March 20, the district will have a number for teachers and for parents who need tech support. 

Report card timelines remain the same. Elementary report cards should have already been submitted. The third quarter ends on March 24th for secondary. 

This is a vital time for us to work together, across grade levels and sites, to support each other. We have listed some online resources on the pvft.net webpage and will continue adding those that are shared with us. During this time, we have a team of TOSAS who can remotely provide extra support to those who need it. This is unchartered territory for many of us and the best we can do is use what supports are available, work with each other and keep communication open as we begin using distance learning modalities. Please continue communicating your questions, concerns, successes, and challenges as we move forward, and we will continue working with the District as new information arises.  

We are still in the process of discussing delivery plans for SELPA. We will keep you updated as the State is collaborating with the Federal Gov in regards to IDEA waivers. 

In Unity,


Closure Update 3/15/2020

Dear Members, 

In case you have not already opened the Sunday update letter from Dr. Rodriguez, here are some important points for you to know: 

  • All certificated staff will work from home during March 16-20, 2020 to develop distance learning resources for this multiple week closure. 
  • School sites will ONLY be accessible to retrieve needed material on Monday, March 16th from 8:30am to 12:00 noon.  
  • Your distance learning plan shall be provided to your site principal by Friday March 20, 2020. 
  • Virtual trainings will be available. The first training is scheduled for Monday afternoon on March 16th. Keep checking your work email for updates on those trainings. 
  • Be ready to begin distance learning with students on Monday, March 23, 2020. 
  • Spring break March 30- April 3, 2020.  
  • Sites will reopen on Monday April 6, 2020 unless continued closure is authorized. 

Working collaboratively during this time is crucial. We continue to meet with the district and are working to get our members the most up to date information as it develops. Please continue checking your email and our website.  


Saturday March 14, 2020 

Dear Members, 

We understand this is a chaotic and unprecedented time for all of us, so we want to reassure you that your union leadership has been working diligently, along with our national and state federations,  to ensure that our members’ health and safety is made the top priority in every decision, and that we are not financially harmed by school closures. Also, during this time, our state leaders were demanding that the Governor give the power of deciding to close schools to the district, which is now in place. Prior to Gov. Newsom’s Friday March 13, 2020 afternoon Executive Order to protect educators, the only legal guarantee of pay was if the Public Health Dept. authorized a closure. Therefore, we found it imperative to quickly negotiate protections, which is the traditional union procedure in the case of crisis intervention. Our agreement (MOU) ensured our members would continue to be paid if the school district declared a closure. The original District expectation was to have our members be at work all next week. PVFT was not in agreement to have its members onsite at all, but we were able to negotiate it down to three days. We believe that all district employees should be encouraged to stay home if there is any risk whatsoever.  

PVFT is grateful to President Daniel Dodge Jr. for calling an emergency meeting to address the health and safety of PVUSD employees. Your comments helped compel the trustees to give the directive to allow educators to work remotely beginning Monday the 16th. They also gave the directive to extend school closure through Spring Break. Distance learning will begin the 23rd as originally planned by the district. You will be receiving a letter from Dr. Rodriguez tomorrow, Sunday, with more details which includes when a site will be available to enter in the event you need supplies.    

We continue to work at the state and district level for more support and clarity as we work together to solve the problems that will inevitably arise during this evolving crisis situation. 

In Unity 

Nelly Vaquera-Boggs 

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