Layoff Info

Layoff Information

Union Members who received a Layoff Notice from the district, please read the instructions below and follow the links for additional information and forms. There will be an Layoff Informational Meeting Tuesday, March 27 from 4:00 6:00 PM at the PVFT office (743 East Lake Ave Ste 14).

1. Contact PVFT by phone, fax, email or in person to let us know you received a pink slip.

Office: (831) 722-2331

Fax: (831) 722-3009


PVFT is located at 734 East Lake Ave Ste 14, Watsonville, CA

2. Submit all of the following paperwork to PVFT as soon as possible:

A. Copy of layoff notice from the district.

B. Copy of signed Request For Hearing (included in layoff packet from district).

Please send original, signed copy to Human Resources Office immediately.

C. Signed Power of Representation form

D. Signed Conflict of Interest form

E. Completed & Signed Employment History form, if not already on file with PVFT

Frequently Asked Questions: Layoff Notices

Frequently Asked Questions: Layoff Notices

View the 2010-11 K-12 Seniority List

View the 2011-12 K-12 Seniority List — coming soon

View the Early Childhood Education Hire List — coming soon

View the Adult Education Seniority List — coming soon

Welcome Back

January 12, 2012 -Welcome back, we hope everyone had a good break with family and friends. PVFT has moved to a new location at 734 East Lake Avenue Suite 14. Although we are still unpacking and getting used to our new location, we will be able to hold future Executive Council and Council of Reps meetings at our new offices. We will be holding an Open House on January 27 from 4:30 to 6:30, please stop by for some appetizers and to say hello!

The next few months will be extremely busy months, not only in the daily work that we do, but also in the development of our contract and the future of Education in California. Ballot initiatives, which will directly impact the funding of education state wide and our personal retirement plans are being circulated through the state. PVFT and will keep you informed of the initiatives and their effects upon our students, members and community.

Our negotiations team will be working diligently to negotiate the best terms and conditions of our employment. Please be sure to complete and respond to any surveys or inquiries made regarding the upcoming contract negotiations. On January 20 we will be entering into negotiations to address the impact of School Improvement Grants at several of our schools including Watsonville High School and E.A. Hall Middle School.

Officer Elections

We encourage everyone to get involved with PVFT. One way is by serving on our Executive Council Board. Positions in the Executive Council are elected at large during the month of March. Nominations will be open at the January 23 Representative Council meeting and will close at the February Representative Council meeting. You can nominate yourself or ask your site rep to do it. More information regarding the open Executive Council positions and the election process will be forth coming.

“Millionaires Tax of 2012” and The “Courage Campaign”

What is it? A statewide ballot measure that asks Californians who make over $1 million per year to pay a little bit more to invest in California after years of devastating cuts and corporate tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy.

Why do we need it? Since 2008, budget cuts have led to big increases in K-12 class sizes, nearly a doubling of community and state college tuition, and billions in cuts to essential services for children and seniors.

What does it do? It asks those making more than $1 million a year in personal income to pay their fair share in taxes so we can raise an estimated $6 billion to begin:

  • re-hiring laid off teachers to reduce class sizes,
  • rolling back college tuition increases,
  • restoring cuts to essential services for children, seniors, and disabled persons,
  • re-hiring laid off emergency responders,
  • and creating jobs by repairing roads and bridges.

Who’s behind it? A coalition of educators, parents, and community groups working together to restore California’s middle class.

What can you do to help? Build the movement to put this on the ballot. Add your name at and tell your friends and family and contact Jenn Laskin @ PVFT to volunteer on the campaign or organize a presentation at your school, church or community venue!

Furlough Pay- 2012

Due to short payroll deadlines in December 2011 and the need to make salary schedule changes through the County Office of Education, the lump sum correction for our restored furlough days will happen on the Jan 31, 2012 paycheck. Subsequent paychecks will be back to our pre-furlough salary.

Early Retirement (Golden Handshake) Update

PVUSD is investigating the possibility of an Early Retirement incentive through Aliant, our new third party administrator and benefits consultant. We will keep you posted on this issue. Many of our members have inquired about this possibility and we aim to get you any information as soon as we have it.

How will state “trigger cuts” affect K-12 funding?

Prepared by Patty Cox, CFT Research Specialist

December 15, 2011—State Director of Finance Ana Matosantos and Governor Jerry Brown announced Tuesday December 13 that the so-called trigger cuts would be enacted because state revenues have not matched budget projections. Included are all of the Tier 1 cuts—$100 million each to UC and CSU, $30 million to community colleges as well as significant cuts to child care, corrections, and health and human services—totaling $600 million.

K-12 districts will see their transportation funding cut in half, a cut that falls heavily on rural and poor urban districts who are more likely to provide student transportation. Districts are required by law to provide necessary transportation to special education students so they will have to continue to provide those services even if the state fails to reimburse them. Los Angeles Unified has announced that it will sue the state because of the cut. Other districts are concerned that cutting transportation services locally to save money will backfire—if students are unable to get to school, falling attendance will lead to additional revenue losses.

The triggered cut to K-12 revenue limits is about $80 million, representing a cut of .25 percent or about $13 per ADA, much less than the worst-case scenario.

The Director of Finance did refer to the trigger cuts as “ongoing cuts” that will likely be factored into the Governor’s Proposed Budget which is expected between January 10 and January 15. Most observers anticipate another difficult budget year with additional cuts despite slight improvements in the economy.

New State Budget for 2012-2013- Are We Facing More Layoffs?

Jack Carroll, PVFT Chief Negotiator

The governor has released a new state budget for next fiscal year. It will undergo a lot of changes in the next 6 months, since this is just his first proposal, but you may want to know the details as they stand today.

He is proposing that some categorical funding be combined with our normal ADA funding and be calculated with a consideration for how many English learners we have and how many pupils eligible for a free reduced lunches we have. Since our district is very high in both those measurements this should be good for us. Funding for bus transportation would be eliminated. Since our district is unusually large this would be bad for us. No COLA adjustment is proposed. Child care funding is reduced.

The Governor’s proposal relies on new tax revenues from his proposed tax initiative to be voted on in November. That means things could get worse. Without this new revenue we may be asked to reduce the school year by 3 weeks or layoff enough people to achieve the same dollar savings. We’ll be hearing about lots of changes in the coming months and will keep you informed.

Happy Holidays, Office Move & Spring Meeting Schedule

Happy Holidays from the Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers, Local 1936!


Please note our new office location:

734 East Lake Avenue, Suite 14

Watsonville, CA 95076

(Elevator located near center of building)

Office: 831.722.2331 and 831.728.1936

Fax 831.722.3009

Our phone numbers and email will remain the same. Please bear with us we unpack and establish our new offices. We began the office move in the last days of school before winter break and expect to have the office up and running shortly.

Note to Site/Building Reps: Due to unforseen construction and moving delays, we were unable to prepare the stipend checks before winter break as planned. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will be mailing out the checks during winter break. If you need your check sooner, please call or email Francisco at 831.726.6866 or

Spring 2012 PVFT Meeting Schedule
General Membership & Council of Representatives Meetings:
  • Monday, January 23
  • Monday, February 13
  • Monday, March 12
  • Monday, April 16
  • Monday, May 14
Executive Council Meetings:
  • Tuesday, January 17
  • Monday, February 6
  • Monday, March 5
  • Tuesday, April 10
  • Monday, May 7
  • Monday, June 4

All PVFT meeetings will be 4:30 p.m. at our new offices.

Helpful Links:

Updated PVUSD School Calendar

PVUSD Board of Trustees 2012 Meeting Schedule

Students Need the $$$ Now

The Pajaro Valley Unified School District is sitting on $20 million, while students and teachers are suffering in overcrowded classrooms. Those funds are needed to alleviate the burden resulting from recent reductions that have undermined essential programs for our students.

What was cut?

What were the consequences in the classroom?

What can you do?

Support children and educators as we unite for quality school services and fair treatment from the School Board and Administration on Wednesday, November 16th at 6:30 p.m. click for details


Cuts during the last 4 years included:

  • Drastic layoffs of teachers, nurses and counselors
  • Elementary class size increase from 20 to 30 students
  • Furlough Days in 2009-10 and 2010-11 school years
  • Layoffs of bus drivers, office staff, cafeteria, custodians library media techs and maintenance workers
  • Elimination of many successful educational programs

Is this what you want for the children of our community?

Affects of Cuts in the Classroom: (actual examples from PVUSD educators)

  • Spending more time managing behaviors, less time instructing students.
  • A higher number of high-risk, high-need students in one class impacts all student instruction.
  • The ability to meet with kids in small groups is hindered, it is difficult to provide immediate feedback. (One example is a veteran teachers who used to do 3 literacy groups per week, can now only do 2.)
  • Less time with small groups in general means less time to get to know students, to listen to them, and to provide deeper explanation of concepts.
  • Now have more combo classes so the above points pertain but are amplified even more. Combo classes affect the entire school community.
  • Detrimentally affected bi-lingual programs.
  • Classes are louder, more students to distract each other- takes away from instructional time.
  • Work stress and overall working conditions have deteriorated. More teachers out sick= more substitute teachers. This all impacts student achievement.
  • Adult to student ratio campus-wide is down.
  • Recess is crazy! Not enough supervision.
  • More overall discipline problems (with less supervision) on the playground trickles into the classrooms. More bullying.
  • Due to 33% increase in student numbers, teachers spend less quality time on each report card.
  • Due to 33% increase in student numbers, less quality time spent in parent conferences.
  • Less overall quality of instruction: “I know what we need to cover but I just can’t get to it!” – Elementary Teacher
  • Not enough furniture for students! Very crowed classrooms.
  • Students carrying chairs overhead to reading groups is a safety issue.
  • Standardized Assesments take longer resulting in less instructional time.
  • There are fewer if any field trips.
  • Students with health issues (allergies, seizures, asthma etc.) and medical needs are not being met or monitored since there are fewer school nurses and too many students in the classroom.
  • Computer time is limited due to more students.
  • Special Education referrals are more difficult to detect due to less teacher- student interaction.

What Can Be Done?

We need to reinstate class size reduction, and we do not want to disrupt our current classes yet again this year. Therefore, we support a plan to reinstate programs and services to the same level as 2010-11, as provided by AB 114.

One possible scenario is to hire an additional certificated teacher for each school, elementary or secondary, that does not currently have class size reduction. This teacher could be an intervention teacher to push into the classroom or pull out small groups, thereby giving students more of the individualized attention that they need.

Support children and educators as we unite for quality school services and fair treatment from the School Board and Administration.


Attend the upcoming School Board Meeting:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gather with fellow teachers at 6:30 p.m.

PVUSD District Office Board Room: 294 Green Valley Rd., Watsonville

November 7

Below please find a list of upcoming events and updates that may be helpful to you. Please share and discuss among your colleagues and give us any feedback you feel may be helpful.



Yes, there really is $20 million…

Upcoming Events

Members in the community

CFT News

Grievances – On Tuesday, November 1st. PVFT filed a grievance with the district regarding the number of meetings being required at some school sites. The proposed resolution by PVFT is that the district limit the number of meetings during what we believe to be time designated as individual teacher preparation time and that changes in the definition and scope of Faculty meetings be agreed upon between the parties. PVFT has filed this grievance as a response to the number of calls emails and conversations with members about the increasing loss of preparation time due to mandated meetings.

Benefits – There will be no break in coverage at Lucille Packard’s Children’s Hospital and Stanford retroactive to September 1. This is great news for many of our members! More information on this will be forthcoming from the PVUSD Benefits department. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Walgreens Pharmacy coverage. For a Q & A on the Walgreens coverage, click here. We have also entered into discussion about the district’s domestic partners coverage. PVFT believes the state’s domestic partner registry should not be the sole determinant for domestic partner coverage.

Yes, there really is $20 million… somewhere… On November 1st, in an email from Superintendent Baker and CBO McFadden, it was clarified that the “extra” money breaks down in the following manner: $5.6 million: Ongoing funding the district was directed to spend on children’s education. $8.5 million: More unrestricted money that has not been spent. $6.3 million: One-time unspent restricted funding from the previous year. Although the email assures us the district is willing to “commit to a dialogue with employee organizations, parents, and the board on what we must do to protect vital student programs and services throughout the district”, it appears the district is not willing to spend these funds “until after a final decision is reached on mid-year reductions and the Governor’s 2012-13 Proposed Budget is released”… meaning student learning conditions this school year will have no improvement.

Upcoming events –

Nov 7 – 4:30 PVFT Executive Council Mtg

Nov 14 – 4:30 PVFT Council of Representatives – Board Room, 294 Green Valley Rd

Nov 16 – 7:00 PM Board of Trustees meeting – Board Room, 294 Green Valley Rd Support reducing class size! Support student programming that benefits students and learning!

Members in the Community – If you or another member you know is involved in community groups or events, please let us know so we can include it in our emails.

On Nov 4, 5, & 6 – Esperanza del Valle, a community Folklorico troupe performed with El Teatro Campesino to offer a lively performance of live music and traditional folk dances from Mexico, celebrating Dia de los Muertos. Several PVFT members are part of this exciting group, and this is an excellent opportunity to visit San Juan Bautista and the legendary El Teatro Campesino. Esperanza del Valle will also be collaborating with the production of “La Pastorela” November 25 – December 18, stay tuned for details!

Peter Nichols is “Me & Tom,” a one-man show celebrating the wit, wisdom, and sardonic humor of the songs of Tom Lehrer – 8:30 PM, Friday, November 18 at the Backstage Lounge, next to the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz. Though Lehrer’s songs, concocted in the 50’s and 60’s, made him a cult favorite, this is the first attempt at a Lehrer revival in 30 years! For a sneak preview click here

CFT News – The California Federation of Teachers voted Saturday, November 5 to join Re-Fund California, a statewide coalition to build public and political support for making big corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share to fund education and vital services. Re-Fund California will have rallies and marches across the state on November 9. Locally, there will be a rally at the Clock Tower in Santa Cruz at 4:00 PM and a protest at a local Bank at 5:00 PM click here for details.

What’s New

CFT Reacts to Gov. Brown’s State Budget Veto

The California Federation of Teachers applauds Governor Brown’s veto of the budget he received Wednesday. We know it was a difficult decision, but based on a commitment to clear principles we agree: the people of California need a budget with more funding for education, health and human services, and public safety programs, after years of cuts. And we also need a budget that begins to seriously address the gap between revenues and needed social programs.

The budget Brown received largely shielded K-12 education from further cuts. But the $300 million funding reductions to higher education would have meant a continuing erosion of access to the greatest job engine California possesses, and further financial difficulties for students from working families.

The Democrats in the Legislature deserve credit for meeting the constitutional budget deadline of June 15, as mandated by Proposition 25, supported by CFT last November. However, with the refusal of any Republicans to budge from their rigid rejection of taxes, new or old, anywhere and any time, the Democrats’ options were extremely limited, and they resorted, as the Governor points out, to “solutions” that defer the problems to another day instead of a reasonable budget solution for the vast majority of Californians.

It is a shame that the people of California are being held hostage by a minority of the Legislature due to the two-thirds requirement for passing a budget with revenues. We look forward to the day when democracy, which means 50% plus one, is restored to our state Capitol.

The Republicans have largely abdicated their responsibility as elected officials to govern, choosing to protect the rich and corporations from fair tax levels instead of protecting children, the elderly, the infirm, and the disabled from harm.

The CFT urges legislators of both parties to put the interests of working women and men, students, seniors and the majority of Californians before narrow party interests. It is time to go back to the table to come up with a budget agreement that addresses the billions of dollars cut from education and vital social services over the last few years. The Legislature should send the Governor a budget that asks the millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share.

For more information please visit

PVFT’s Redesigned Newsletter Debuts to Rave Reviews

Enter for your chance to win a Staples gift card, learn about what’s happening in our community and PVUSD, find out about exciting upcoming events, get connected on social media and much more!

PVFT Newsletter, May 2011

PVFT Newsletter, April 2011

Addendum to Layoff Article (April newsletter, page 9)

The article should have read:

  • All temporary teachers without a seniority dateor with lapsed rehire rights who want to maintain a position with PVUSD should submit a letter of intent to their principal, with a copy to PVFT for verification.
  • A list of laid-off unit members with 24- or 39-month rehire rights will be used to fill any remaining vacancies with all Permanents placed before Probationaries in order of seniority.

Ed Jobs Fund


After carefully reviewing the survey presented to our membership in mid-September, PVFT was able to discern our members priorities for how they would like to see the district spend federal funds authorized by SB847, known as the Education Jobs Fund, and AB185, a part of the ARRA (the stimulus), to fill educational budget shortfalls and to stimulate the local economy. The money was intended to go to school sites during the 2010-2011 school year.

On October 19, PVFT presented a detailed plan to PVUSD, starting in January 2011 that took these priorities into consideration. The PVFT plan would:

·Provide relief for overburdened Kindergarten through Grade 3 students,

·Restore counselors to the district’s high schools and middle schools

·Replace a nurse who was lost to layoffs.

Pajaro Valley Unified School District officials (PVUSD) responded to the Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers representatives (PVFT) that they have no immediate plans to make use of $4 million federal funds intended to put people back to work in the schools.

PVUSD had no alternative proposal to offer and were unsure they would have a proposal ready by December 7th, the earliest they would meet with PVFT again.

Please click here to urge school board members to direct management to meet with the bargaining units and discuss the use of those funds immediately.

Endorsements 2010

Political action and endorsement of candidates are a natural part of union activity. As union members we live in the neighborhoods, worry about the community and understand how teamwork makes life better for us and others. There is terrific power in pulling our diverse backgrounds and viewpoints together to endorse candidates that, if elected, will carry our priorities forward. The November election brings to us great responsibility in choosing whom to endorse for this important election cycle. PVFT sent questionnaires to all Board of Trustees Candidates and co-sponsored a forum to which all candidates attended. There are currently three open positions and seven candidates. A forth position is uncontested and will be filled by Mr. Jeff Ursino. Below are the completed questionnaires, please review the candidates responses. Members will be receiving a ballot due back on the 27 of September. You can also read the Candidate statements submitted to the County Elections Department

Trustee Area I

Kim DeSerpa

Camille Norton

Patrice Edwards (Did not respond to questionnaire)

Trustee Area IV

Connie Sauer

Willie Yahiro(Incumbent)

Trustee Area V

Francisco Diaz

Leslie Derose (Incumbent)

Calendar Ratification

 Calendar Ratification

The calendar committee is not a Union committee. It is a district committee with representation from a number of stakeholders including CSEA, parents, administration, trustees and PVFT. The committee met six times on the following dates: January 19, January 26, February 9, February 23, April 13 and April 20. On February 23, the committee recommended a calendar which we circulated to our members.

On February 27, PVFT reached a tentative agreement with the district on our contract negotiations. The Tentative agreement provided for the Calendar committee to place five furlough days, in a block, at the beginning or end of the school year. In a survey of site reps, 17 out of 14 sites reported they would prefer the furloughs at the beginning of the year. At its’ April 13 meeting, the Calendar Committee was unable to reach agreement as to where the furlough days should go, so another meeting was proposed for April 20. The outcome of the April 20 meeting was a new calendar with a longer winter break and the furlough days at the end of the year.

Unfortunately, this calendar was sent out for ratification without following the procedure described in our contract, which requires a board presentation and an opportunity for both the district and the union to negotiate the proposed calendar before ratification by our members. Because of this procedural discrepancy, the vote count was stopped and PVFT notified the district. The PVFT and PVUSD negotiations team then met after both proposed calendars were presented to the board and negotiated the calendar that is now in the process of ratification.

It is unfortunate that our students will loose five days of instruction, our members will loose five days of pay and the community will be highly inconvenienced, but that is the result of there not being enough money to fund a full school year. As educators, citizens and residents of California, we must urge or representatives in the state Legislature and the Governor to provide appropriate funding for Education in California. The name and contacts of our Local Legislators are listed below:

Anna Caballero – 28th Assembly District (831) 759-8676

Bill Monning – 27th Assembly District (831) 425-1503

Joe Simitian – 11th Senate District (831) 425-04011

5th Senate District – Vacant

Francisco Rodriguez, President




The calendar vote results are in and will be reviewed by the Executive Council at its meeting on Monday, May 3. Please look for another email about the calendar next week after the Executive Council meeting.

Lay-off Settlement Agreement

We are hoping that the process of calling teachers back will begin shortly. There is a tie breaker criteria in place. Most of it was already approved by the Board but one additional item was added during our negotiations.
This is how the tie breaker will work.
When a position opens and two or more appropriately credentialed teachers with the same seniority dates are interested in filling it, the tie breaker criteria is applied. We go down the list of criteria and at whatever point one teacher separates from all of the others, that teacher would be offered the position.
2nd grade SEI position
Teacher A 2006 (Perm) CLAD Multiple Subjects
Teacher B 2006 (Perm) CLAD Multiple Subjects
Teacher C 2006 (Perm) CLAD Multiple Subjects Previously taught as a temp in 2001 for one year

Teacher C is offered the position first.

March for California’s Future

Thank you to all of our members who supported the March for California’s Future. PVFT sent one Core marcher who walked the entire 365 miles from Bakersfield to Sacramento. PVFT also sent marchers to Atwater and an entire bus to Sacramento for the big rally on April 21. PVFT also collected over 200 signatures for the Budget Majority Initiative that will change the process for passing a budget. NO MORE BUDGET GRIDLOCK! We need to continue to build and communicate with one another at great lengths. We must engage and build our communities while we organize and activate people from the classroom to the boardroom…fighting for California’s future!!!

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