Kristal Valencia

Action Alert! 11/14/19

Hello PVFT Member,

After our showing at Cilantro’s and the Board Meeting (check out the Member Spotlight

The team met Thursday with the District negotiations team. The District started by explaining that they heard us at the meeting Wednesday night, that we continue to be their priority, and that they hope we feel valued and acknowledged. Then they offered us the same 1% raise with contingency language that puts the onus on teachers to increase attendance to 97%.

This is not acceptable to you, and therefore not acceptable to us. We have more work to do. If your site is signed up for the December 11th Board meeting, commit to bringing at least 10 members to the meeting. If your site has not attended a Board meeting yet this year, join us December 11.

Details will be coming about another social engagement before hand. Call or email your Trustee, and get at least one colleague to do the same. Wear your buttons everyday. WEAR YOUR SHIRTS ON WEDNESDAYS!!

In the coming months we will be asking the membership (YOU) to build our solidarity and our strength through a number of actions.

We want all members to be ready to fight for a #faircontract and #schoolsthatstudentsdeserve.

In Solidarity,

PVFT Negotiations Team

Cilantro’s/Board Meeting Member Action!

On November 13th, Wednesday night, we had nearly a hundred members show up to Cilantro’s to meet with our negotiations team, ask questions, and get informed!

Most of those members continued on to the School Board meeting to speak their truths about the lack of support which affect our working conditions and our students’ learning conditions and the struggle of living in the county while working in PVUSD. What a show of solidarity!

  • Nearly 100 members showed up to meet the negotiations team before the board meeting.

Negotiations Team Q&A

JOIN the negotiations team this WEDNESDAY, November 13th from 5:45-6:45 at CILANTRO’S in Watsonville for a Q & A on our recent sessions with the District.

Afterwards, demonstrate solidarity by attending the SCHOOL BOARD MEETING.  The Negotiations Team’s bargaining power comes from the members that are backing them.

Our solidarity is our strength.

The Board needs to hear from you!


Negotiations Update 10/04/19

Hello members,

Here is an update from our negotiations team.

We are continuing our commitment to our members and working towards a fair contract. Our last meeting was Wednesday, October 3rd. At this point the District is still claiming that they are deficit spending and cannot afford teacher raises. We are currently addressing some of the discrepancies in the information provided by the District. At this point we are not convinced that the district cannot, in fact, afford to properly compensate our members. Once we get some of the items in the budget clarified we will be able to move forward with our salary and benefit proposals. Our overarching intentions in these proposals, including class size, workload, and salary, lend to the long term goal of teacher retention and creating a desirable compensation package to attract quality teachers for our students. We have submitted several proposals and communicated to the District that it is their obligation to show us where their value lies.

What does this mean for you? It is time to show our solidarity and commitment to each other and to the students and families we serve. What is PVUSD without our dedicated members, who are ensuring that students are receiving the education that they deserve? If you have a T-shirt from the last cycle it’s time to start wearing them on Wednesdays. New shirts are coming so please be patient as we get those out. If you have buttons please wear them as well. It is time to reach out to your area School Board Trustee and make your voice, and the voice of your students heard, so that we are all working towards the same goal: to educate and to support learners in reaching their highest potential. Support for Teachers is Support for Students!

In Solidarity,

PVFT Negotiations Team

Nell Vaquera-Boggs

Radhika Kirkman
Grievance Officer

PVFT Negotiations Team