The calendar vote results are in and will be reviewed by the Executive Council at its meeting on Monday, May 3. Please look for another email about the calendar next week after the Executive Council meeting.

Lay-off Settlement Agreement

We are hoping that the process of calling teachers back will begin shortly. There is a tie breaker criteria in place. Most of it was already approved by the Board but one additional item was added during our negotiations.
This is how the tie breaker will work.
When a position opens and two or more appropriately credentialed teachers with the same seniority dates are interested in filling it, the tie breaker criteria is applied. We go down the list of criteria and at whatever point one teacher separates from all of the others, that teacher would be offered the position.
2nd grade SEI position
Teacher A 2006 (Perm) CLAD Multiple Subjects
Teacher B 2006 (Perm) CLAD Multiple Subjects
Teacher C 2006 (Perm) CLAD Multiple Subjects Previously taught as a temp in 2001 for one year

Teacher C is offered the position first.

March for California’s Future

Thank you to all of our members who supported the March for California’s Future. PVFT sent one Core marcher who walked the entire 365 miles from Bakersfield to Sacramento. PVFT also sent marchers to Atwater and an entire bus to Sacramento for the big rally on April 21. PVFT also collected over 200 signatures for the Budget Majority Initiative that will change the process for passing a budget. NO MORE BUDGET GRIDLOCK! We need to continue to build and communicate with one another at great lengths. We must engage and build our communities while we organize and activate people from the classroom to the boardroom…fighting for California’s future!!!