Calendar Ratification

 Calendar Ratification

The calendar committee is not a Union committee. It is a district committee with representation from a number of stakeholders including CSEA, parents, administration, trustees and PVFT. The committee met six times on the following dates: January 19, January 26, February 9, February 23, April 13 and April 20. On February 23, the committee recommended a calendar which we circulated to our members.

On February 27, PVFT reached a tentative agreement with the district on our contract negotiations. The Tentative agreement provided for the Calendar committee to place five furlough days, in a block, at the beginning or end of the school year. In a survey of site reps, 17 out of 14 sites reported they would prefer the furloughs at the beginning of the year. At its’ April 13 meeting, the Calendar Committee was unable to reach agreement as to where the furlough days should go, so another meeting was proposed for April 20. The outcome of the April 20 meeting was a new calendar with a longer winter break and the furlough days at the end of the year.

Unfortunately, this calendar was sent out for ratification without following the procedure described in our contract, which requires a board presentation and an opportunity for both the district and the union to negotiate the proposed calendar before ratification by our members. Because of this procedural discrepancy, the vote count was stopped and PVFT notified the district. The PVFT and PVUSD negotiations team then met after both proposed calendars were presented to the board and negotiated the calendar that is now in the process of ratification.

It is unfortunate that our students will loose five days of instruction, our members will loose five days of pay and the community will be highly inconvenienced, but that is the result of there not being enough money to fund a full school year. As educators, citizens and residents of California, we must urge or representatives in the state Legislature and the Governor to provide appropriate funding for Education in California. The name and contacts of our Local Legislators are listed below:

Anna Caballero – 28th Assembly District (831) 759-8676

Bill Monning – 27th Assembly District (831) 425-1503

Joe Simitian – 11th Senate District (831) 425-04011

5th Senate District – Vacant

Francisco Rodriguez, President